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Commercial Roof Repair

Eastern North Carolina’s Commercial Roofer of Choice

The vast majority of roofing problems can be averted with proactive maintenance and repairs along the way. If you have a flat roof on your commercial building or otherwise cannot easily see it from the street, it’s especially important to have the roof inspected, cleaned up, and repaired regularly by a skilled contractor.

American Facility Solutions takes care of your entire commercial property by including roof repairs in our detailed building maintenance programs.Whether your business has shingles, tiles, or a commercial roofing system such as modified bitumen or built-up flat roof, American Facility Solutions can help you keep it in top shape.

Contact us today to ask about commercial roof repair services to protect your building and what’s inside. We serve our home territory of Pitt County as well as facilities in Durham County, Cumberland County, and Wake County.

Signs That You Need Commercial Roof Repairs

In addition to a sagging or damaged roof, a commercial building’s roof can experience a wide range of other problems. From restaurants to warehouses, auto shops to pharmacies, many commercial roofs consist of multiple layers of materials that all must work together to protect the building.

You won’t be able to see all the early warning signs of roof problems, but here are some of the reasons you should definitely get professional repairs by a commercial roof expert:

  • Roof leaks
  • Standing water on roof
  • Detached roof membrane
  • Missing tiles or degraded roof materials
  • Roof storm damage
  • Blisters or splitting of the asphalt, felt, or bitumen
  • Years passed without roof maintenance

Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance Programs in Eastern North Carolina

Cumberland County, Durham County, Pitt County & Wake County

Our roofing experts will thoroughly inspect your roof to ensure its integrity, strength, and ability to withstand future bad weather. We can:

  • Fill and repair problematic areas
  • Re-adhere loose membranes or tiles
  • Clear up issues with stagnant water or leakage

Businesses in Eastern North Carolina ultimately benefit from our commercial roof repair services because our proactive approach protects your assets such as inventory and computers indoors that may be damaged by a major roofing failure. Regular maintenance also keeps your business looking its best for customers and clients. Finally, a good-condition roof is essential for protecting the HVAC equipment, cabling, and other machinery that may be located on your roof.

Consider the high cost of replacing an entire roof, and you’ll see that roof repair programs are the smart investment for your business. With our roofing repair services, you can expect easier maintenance for your property and a longer lifespan for the roof.

Talk With A Commercial Roofer In Eastern NC

If your property’s roof has not been inspected recently or you think you see signs of roof damage, get in touch with us immediately. Even if your roof is in good condition now, a proactive maintenance program is what you need to keep it that way.

Call American Facility Solutions at 888-758-9165 or contact us online to schedule a visit with our Eastern North Carolina commercial roofers and roof repair experts.


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